Thrifty Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home

You want to sell your home and as quickly as possible. There is a job
transfer, wanting a larger one for a growing family. Or perhaps you want to
retire and decide that down-sizing is the way to go. It really does not matter
what the reasons are, the bottom line is; you want to sell. But you also want to
get as much money out of the house as you possibly can.Guy Looking

First step is to take a really good look at your home both inside and out.
Take a walk around your neighborhood and look at all the other houses. Does your
house stand out or does it sort of fade into the background? Does it need a coat
of paint? Even if you have a brick home, look at the trim, the garage and the
front door. Does that need some sprucing up? If the hardware is getting worn,
you should consider replacing it.

The landscaping is an important part of selling a home. Are the bushes
overgrown and need trimming? Or maybe there isn’t much landscaping and the front
of the house looks a little barren? This is not inviting or welcoming to a
potential buyer. Reworking a few plants or even buying new ones can add a lot of
money to the value and really is very inexpensive to do. It may take a bit of
labor to do this, but really worth it in the long run. Make sure you also keep
the lawn mowed and edged, very important.

Walk through your front door and look at the inside of your house pretending
you are the buyer. Think back and remember what sold you on this house in the
first place. Take a careful look at the furniture placement. If you have a
fireplace and it can’t even be seen, this is not a good thing. Consider moving
the furniture around and making it a focal point.

Look carefully at your window coverings; are they clean and pleasing to the
eye? If not consider changing them or at least cleaning them. Sometimes just
taking them down will make a difference. If you have large windows that overlook
the garden or the pool, let the buyer be able to see through the window to some
of the best features of your property.

Remove clutter, vacuum and dust. Repaint if necessary. Fresh paint on the
walls can add dollars to the asking price. The same with new carpet. You may
love that dusty rose, but not too many buyers will. It shows them that one of
the first things they are going to have to do is re-carpet. If it isn’t dusty
rose, then maybe a good professional cleaning will do the trick. I am only using
dusty rose as an example, think about the colors that will turn a buyer off.

If you have hardwood floors, are they clean and presentable? Or are they dull
and really need to be redone? You do not have to necessarily refinish them.
There are products on the market that will have the floors looking like brand
new with almost no effort.

Depersonalize your home. Put away or pack away all your very personal items.
Don’t have (even if you love them) a collection of perfume bottles or little
cars sitting on tables or even on shelves. Take down the family pictures, buyers
want to imagine their family in this home, not yours.

Pack away anything that is “pocketable”. I am not saying that everyone is
dishonest, but some are. Do not take the chance that the watch Grandpa gave you
will not walk away.

The most important thing you can do to sell your home is keep it clean, and I
do mean clean. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and fresh. Make sure the
kitchen counters are free of toasters, mixers, etc. Make them look as large as
you possible can. Take down the refrigerator magnets!!! Cannot stress
this enough. Also if you have small children and they bring their artwork home;
as precious as these pieces are to you; they are not precious to a potential
buyer. Please pack them away assuring your children that they are safe and can
be taken out at anytime to look at.

If you have walked around your home and really cannot see what the problems
are, then call in a professional. Or call on a friend that won’t upset you if
they are really frank about the condition of your home.

FSBO SignI am not going to tell you to hire a Realtor; you can certainly sell your house on
your own. You can go on line and find most, if not all of the paperwork you
need, Offer to Purchase, etc. If not there, then a good stationery store may
have all the documents.

If you do desire to hire a Realtor, remember one thing: Not all realtors are
created equal. There is the “Cut-Rate” type, advertise to sell your home for x
amount of money. I am not saying they are not good, just be sure to get the
total disclosure of money it will actually cost you. Is there an extra charge to
put your home into the Multiple Listing Service? Is there an extra charge if
your home is to be listed in a higher price range? Is there an extra charge if
their office does not sell it and it is a co-op between offices? Just make sure
you have all the facts and have no surprises in the end.

If you are in a “bubble market” and want a full service Realtor, then
negotiate the commission. Just because they quote a certain percentage, does not
mean they are not willing to take less.

The best thing for you is do your homework and leave nothing to chance.

One thing I have not mentioned as yet is the Home Inspection. Some buyers
will want this. You can do it in advance if you prefer. Be sure to choose one
that is reputable and has been in the business for quite a few years. If you do
it in advance, then you have a better idea of what your problems are in relation
to the plumbing, hot water heater, furnace, roof condition, etc. That way, you
can get these problems taken care of before you put the house on the market.

I would hope that you already have a contract with a pest company. If you do,
then termites or carpenter ants should not be an issue. If the home inspection
turns up that you do have a pest problem, then you have some ammunition against
your current company.

House for SaleIf
your home is less than 5 years old and in good condition, think twice about a
home inspection. Chances are that all appliances, including the furnace and hot
water heater are still under warranty. At this young age, the roof should still
be good for quite a few more years. So if the buyer asks for a home inspection,
then let him have it, but at his expense.

This is only the first page, I am going to be going into more detail, but if
this does not give you something to think about then maybe you don’t want to
read further. I, we, are definitely not novices when it comes to selling houses.
Unfortunately, or fortunately as a Military family and beyond we have moved many
times. I also worked as a Realtor and have a pretty good idea on what it takes
to make that house sale and put a BIGGER check in your pocket so you can move on
with your life.

STAGING YOUR HOME TO SELL FASTER Staging in the theater is the activity, process, or style
of presenting a play on stage. Staging your home is much the same, showing it
off in the best way, as Penny Pinching Grandma will show you.

SHOWING YOUR HOME, in it’s best light to SELL Showing your home? Here are some things
you must do in order to show your home if you want it to sell. Presented by
Grandma who has sold many homes both as an owner and a Realtor.

MOVING, HOW TO AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DO So your house sold and now you’re going to be
moving. Let Grandma tell you how to move without costing an arm and a leg, the
penny pinchers way.

PACKING TO MOVE,tips and techniques. Packing yourself can save you money even if you’re
using a moving company. Moving yourself or not here are the best tips for
packing your household. Grandma knows how, been there, done that.