Penny Pinching Around the House

When penny pinching around the house, there are lots of different things you can do. Just think about saving money and it soon becomes natural to do.

I am giving you some tips and if you think long and hard enough about your house, you can probably come up with a lot more than I have here. First and foremost think “How can I pinch those pennies?”


Wash in cold water whenever possible. Laundry detergents today work just as well in cold or hot. Running the water heater less saves quite a few pennies.

Washing dollars
  • Save even more pennies by using less detergent. I know, the label says use a full cup; but I use only half a cup and my clothes come out clean.
  • Change brands of your detergent frequently. Why? It can build up in your clothes and cause them to dull. A different detergent will wash out the last one.
  • Buy the least expensive brands, your clothes or your washing machine won’t know the difference.
  • Don’t buy brand name additives; pick up a box of good old borax. It is inexpensive and does the same job that Borateem will do. Don’t buy Clorox, head for the dollar store or Big Lots and pick up their brand, same product, much cheaper.


Speaking of the water heater; if you ever need to replace yours, check into an “on demand” or “in line” water heater.

They will save you up to 50% on your energy cost with either gas or electric, they usually are guaranteed for a lot longer and take up a lot less room.

The biggest drawback is that they cost one to two times as much as a normal water heater. Although with the energy savings they will more then pay for themselves over the life of the unit.

They also call them “Tank Less Water Heaters” If you are at all interested here is a link where you can check them out for yourself. Eemax Electric Water Heaters: Single Point & Flow Control Series


Save up to 50% per month on dryer cloths by cutting them into half, when they don’t work in the dryer anymore use them as dust cloths around the house, and then throw them away.

  • If you have a swiffer sweeper, used dryer cloths can be put on it, to dust the floors through out the house.
  • Be sure to check your filter on the dryer, by using dryer sheets constantly, it causes a build up on the mesh and air can’t circulate properly. This can be potentially dangerous and could cause a house fire. It can be cleaned off with dish detergent and water.


You know how they show on TV to just use the cloth and throw them in the trash. Before you throw it out, turn it over and use the other side to finish the house, it works just as well.

Need to lightly clean the floor and the wet sheets are too expensive? Take an old dish towel and dampen it. Put it on your swiffer sweeper and when done, toss it into the laundry.


Towels getting worn out?

Cut them down to size, hem them and use them as wash cloths. If you own a serger, this is really quick and easy.


  • Recycle your gift wrap. Don’t waste remnants of wrapping paper. Use a shredder and shred all the remnants of wrapping paper and documents with personal information. Use the shredding to stuff packages and it also makes great stuffing when using gift bags.
  • Gift wrapping especially for children (or anyone for that matter), use the funny papers from the Sunday newspaper. They are colorful and fun for the little ones to read.
  • Recycle paper towel rolls. You can use empty paper towel rolls to ship certain items in through the mail. Makes a handy container and you can decorate it for a child or an adult. You can have fun with this.
  • To save on printer paper, use the blank backs of homework, notices, or junk mail. Make sure there are not any staple in the paper. This could damage your printer.

Make your money go further with household budgeting worksheets.


Run out of Windex? In the first place don’t buy it, it is too expensive. Buy store brands or head for the dollar store or Big Lots. Much cheaper.

If you already did your shopping and forgot to add it to your list. Make your own. A little water and some white vinegar will do the trick; after all, you still have the spray bottle.

To clean those mirrors and windows through the house, use your newspaper, works wonders and a lot cheaper than paper towels.


Buying a bar of soap may not be expensive, depending on the brand, but what do you do with that little sliver too small to use? You throw it away.

Don’t so that. Save it. I know this sounds a little crazy and maybe a little extreme, but, remember you are saving those pennies.

  • Take the soap pieces and put them into a zip lock bag. And store in a cool dry place.
  • When the bag is full, put the pieces into a double boiler and melt them, slowly. Pour the mixture into a nonstick baking dish and let set. If you don’t have a nonstick baking dish, then lightly grease a glass dish. Use olive oil, preferably, not shortening or butter.
  • Cut into squares or rectangles and wrap individually with cling or saran wrap.
  • Optional, after the soap is melted add a little food color, or if you want a scrubbing bar, add some oatmeal. Not the quick cooking kind.

This works, even if you buy different brands of soap, it will all mix together.

You can make soap last 50% longer. When you buy your favorite soap, open both ends of the paper of each bar. Soap should dry for 30 days and it will last 50% longer while in use. As it is drying, place in the linen closet, dresser drawer, or wherever, it acts as a sachet.


Saving on toilet paper is especially important if you have children. They tend to use far more than they should. Before placing a roll of toilet tissue on the holder, squish it flat. This controls the amount of toilet paper that comes off by stopping each time it comes around to the bent part. This saves a lot of tissue instead of the toilet paper free-rolling off the roll.

Be a Toothpaste Tightwad. Use the handle of your toothbrush to squeeze every drop of toothpaste from the tube. Place tube on a countertop and firmly press toothbrush handle from bottom of the tube toward cap. No more messy tube rolling, no more wasted toothpaste!


When available, use refills for common household cleaners. Not always cheaper but more economical as they come in larger containers. This way you will not pay for packaging (spray bottle, etc.) each time you make a purchase.

Herbal Home Hints: Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals with This Unique Guide Designed to Help You Clean Your Home the Natural Way.


You know the best way to take care of your furnace and air conditioner is to change the filters at least once a month. But, did you know the difference in the filters? The most expensive are not necessarily the best value for your money. The cheaper ones, well, you might just as well throw your money in the trash can. Not only do they not do the job, they can be harmful to your unit(s).

I have checked out a product that not only will save you money but also make your home healthier. It is a depth filter made of poly-nylon and treated with a chemical that eats smoke and pollen. So if you have allergies, this would be great for you and your home. Also would help people with any breathing problems. Think of your children, you want them to be in a healthy environment.

This is endorsed by OCEA with a rating 78 out of 88. OCEA requires an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Any of you that have worked outside the home, know that OCEA can be very strict.

The company that is handling the lower Gulf States is BOFA – stands for Breath of Fresh Air. The owner is Malone Cockrell and he has been in business since 1994 and is handling many commercial accounts such as banks and of course residential customers as well.

Breath Of Fresh Air( Malone Cockrell’s business card)

He is also a really nice person. So if you live in this area, call him. If you can’t read the number it is 251-680-9692. He will travel up to about 125 miles, so if you are in that range, give him a call.

If you live anywhere else, you need to call your local air conditioning firm and ask them where to find this product. Ask for poly-media or poly-nylon filters.

Do me a favor if you call Malone (BOFA) tell him Grandma sent you.


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